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Quality is mandatory

RIFLO INDUSTRIES(K) LTD is a company incorporated in Kenya and is one of the leading manufacturer of building materials and building systems in the region. The company’s real strength lies in its technologically advanced fields of products that are designed, developed and manufactured by the company.

RIFLO INDUSTRIES(K) LTD key core values are honesty and integrity in all aspects of its divisions; excellent and friendly customer service, team work and always performing to highest measure of competence.


With a wide range of building products to choose from in external and internal doors, Metal windows, Septic sanitation systems, Suspended floors and roofs, Plastic water tank, Paints, Machined wood, Ceramic tiles, Curtain rods and boxes tec. Riflo Industries(k) Ltd, provides installation services for its products.

From experience and research, our clients receive timely delivery and good quality products. 


“Quality products is our MOTTO”.